Hi there, I'm Cody.

What follows is a set of work I’ve done at various stages of my life, most of which happened in high school and college.

Let’s start off with the robots, I really love robots!

This robot (my very first) competed in the Florida FIRST Tech Challenge state championship, while we didn’t win, our team of disabled students made it into finals and took home the Amaze award.

A new year brought a new robotics game. My senior year I was appointed team lead of Palm Bay High School’s VEX team. We took this robot to a national event, where it (unfortunately) preformed miserably.

Having learned from our previous failures, we rebuilt our last robot with a much simpler, smaller, faster, sleeker profile. We took this robot to the 2009 VEX World Championship and went on to become semi-finalists.

At that same event I competed against other robotics teams in a 3D animation competition. I wanted to own a copy of Autodesk 3ds max so I could develop video games, so I entered the competition and ended up winning!

This was my winning entry.

I went on to compete the next year during my first year of college.

I’m also a 3D artist

At the 2009 VEX World Championship, after winning the first ever online animation competition I was offered the opportunity to create the 2010 VEX Game animation, Clean Sweep. They subsequently hired me for a side project and then the 2011 animation, Round Up, before regrettable disagreements ended our professional relationship.

I was a decent 3D modeler and had begun learning the ins and outs of 3D rendering before I entered that animation challenge but it was these projects that really forced me to learn a plethora of knowledge within 3ds max. I got good at everything in the 3D space very quickly, because I had to.

While I stopped doing contract work for VEX, I continued to render still imagery of the new vex games every year.

VEX Toss Up Render

VEX Skyrise Render

VEX Nothing But Net Render

Occasionally people ask me to render things

FIRST Robotics Competition concept robot for my friend Andrew

Render for team 254D, the Cheesy Poofs

I also design stuff

3D printed planetary gearbox for VEX

3D printed 3D printed battery mount for VEX

Drive pod for my 2010 robot

A VEX U robot concept

A concept low-cost fully 3D printed robotics frame

An in-wheel planetary gearbox for the VEX omni wheel

An add-on co-processor / Raspberry Pi enclosure for the VEX Cortex

I also write code

My best friend started an eBay company buying and selling on the marketplace. He asked me to help him with a problem, involving searching eBay for items. After dropping out of UCF, I wrote him a program I call Auction Hunter. Auction Hunter interfaces with the eBay API and does data-mining on search results from eBay. We’ve made a lot of money thanks to this program, which I still maintain.

Numerous people told me I should sell Auction Hunter so I made an attempt to repackage the code as a web application. Unfortunately I restarted school at CU Denver and hit several walls with eBay’s crumbling API.

Nowadays I focus on real-time computer graphics. I started writing a C++ game engine, which I have ported to Java and continue to work on.

I got into an art school once

Here's the art portfolio that got me in.

And I go to school too!

I'm currently studying Computer Science at CU Denver. I hold a 3.6 GPA and am on the dean’s list. I hope to graduate spring 2017. I then hope to attend Carnegie Mellon University.

My resume can be found here.

Thanks for your consideration.