Hi there, I'm Cody - a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon Universities Silicon Valley campus.

While my day job is in software engineering, I specialize in rapid prototyping made quick, easy and painless. Work with a professional maker to get your project off the ground quickly.


I offer a suite of design and prototyping services.


Need design help? I specialize in 3D CAD/CAM! Work with a experienced maker to go from a rough idea to an in-hand prototype.

I do more than just printing parts. If you need a custom solution for your prototype, work with me to utilize a suite of maker capabilities to make your widget a reality!


Every part is different. I can take an existing design as input and determine the best strategy to get your part made using a variety of both additive and subtractive manufacturing.

Additionally I can take a more formalized design and adapt it for rapid prototyping.


I have access to a small army of making tools. Work with me to determine the best process to make your design a reality.


Almost every venture gets to a stage where it needs to show the world it’s vision. Work with me to create beautiful photorealistic renders of your product.

The Open Robotics KOP

Using the Ultimaker 2, I worked to prototype a new way to build robots as part of the wider initiative to get kids into science, technology, engineering and math!

CMU Traffic Dot

As part of a graduate school project, I worked with the Communications and Computation Systems Group at Carnegie Mellon’s SIlicon Valley campus to produce a deployable solution to their in development traffic monitoring board.

This 3D printed solution allowed the CCSG to deploy an array of four sensors to take GPS measurements and stress test the device in real-world conditions.

Let’s get started!

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